The event planning process creates a vision to tell a story.  To tell your story, many decisions have to be made.

– Identifying likes and dislikes

– Determining allocation of funds

– Choosing a location that best suits your event

– Selecting vendors to best serve your needs

While Simplicity Events loves all aspects of event planning, many people don’t find the process nearly as enjoyable.  For some, event planning is a stressful, overwhelming and unpleasant experience.  Event planning should never be stressful or unpleasant!

As an experienced event planning firm, Simplicity Events knows that the most important role we play for each client is that of a trusted advisor. In addition, Simplicity Events is there every step fo the way, helping with organization, timeline, tasks, style, theme, location and vendors.

Johanna Goossens, founder and owner of Simplicity Events, has more than 15 years in the event planning industry. Johanna brings her experience to each event, so that her clients can enhance or regain their sense of excitement!