1/18/13 – General Contractor, yes we are

The confusion is out there. What does a planner do? What is my job and why does it have value? I get that question often.

Well, the easiest way I can explain it is to equate events and weddings to building a high rise. My apologies in advance. I know very little about the realities of construction, so please forgive any inaccuracies.

general-contractingYou have the folks that build the steel frame, and the others that put up the drywall. There is yet another company that addresses the flooring. Then there are electricians, plumbers, painters and so on until the whole building comes together. All of it is overseen by a General Contractor, who makes sure that the project stays on track and on time. The contractor is responsible for making sure that all the pieces of the building fit together according to the owner’s specifications and that the subcontractors complete their tasks in a proper manner.

That’s what I do. The high rise is your wedding or event and I am the General Contractor. Think about it. Would you spend all that money, millions, on a huge building and tell everyone to “just have at it?” Probably not. You want to know that there is someone responsible overseeing the project.


The same goes for weddings. The average cost of a wedding in DC is in the $30,000.00 range. That’s 30k spent on one day. Shouldn’t that cash be spent in the best and most efficient way with a planner that will help you decide the wisest investments for the wedding of your dreams?

Just sayin’ ;  )

12/26/12 – Melaney and Jon (9/22/12)

Mel and Jon… What can I say.  They were awesome.  You always hope that your clients will be fun and Mel and Jon definitely fit the bill.  Melaney and I did the majority of the wedding planning together.  Jon only chirped in every so often, but generally with some kind of crack that kept us laughing.  Read More…

12/23/12 – T’s wedding: A great way to budget

I often run into clients who have really made a soupy mess of their wedding budget.  And it breaks my heart.  Planning a wedding takes a fair amount of money, more than most people will spend on any other single day of their lives.  That can be scary stuff.  Unfortunately, the answer for many is Read More…

Ask Johanna: Counting Heads & Menu Options

Dear Johanna I have already sent out my wedding invitations but I did not include menu choices for my guests to choose. We are having a plated dinner and now the caterer wants to know how many chicken dinners and how many steak dinners we are ordering. How are we going to get an accurate Read More…