5/6/13 – Inspiration breeds creation

Some times things happen for a reason, stars align and inspiration breeds great creation.  I know we didn’t get much of a “real” winter this year, but it felt super dreary to me.  So at the beginning of April, I think my inner happy person started screaming to get out and it manifested itself in a mini-obsession with all things minty, crisp and green.  So when my dear friend Laura with Buttercups Floral Design, asked me if I had any brilliant concepts for a stylized photo shoot, I got myself all in a tizzy!  We must use Mint!  We must be happy and bright and HAAAPPPYYY!!

Some inspiration:

Mint Green INvitation


Mint Green Cake


Knopfsfinest.com Spring Wedding

As luck would have it, I also recently got myself all excited about an idea that I got from watching a commercial on HGTV.  They had a planter attached to a wall with several levels worth of slats to fill with flowers.  I had an idea!

Here are the images of our work in action:  teasers for the next post – showing the finished product.  ;  )

Mint Fabric

 Laura provides the minty green cloth.


 The beginnings of my PROJECT!


Laura brings the perfect minty flower.  Succulents!

Style Shoot Wind Blown

The winds blows away our efforts.  Set the shoot up, it blows away.  Set it up, watch it blow!

Tomorrow… I tell the rest of the story.   Spoiler alert!  It has a happy ending.

5/3/13 – I’m still here!

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