9-23-13 How hard do your wedding professionals work? – Cake Edition! Also known as “Johanna Bakes a Cake.”

Every now and then I think a reality check is in order.  And this past week I gave myself a huge reality check.

You might remember that as part of my September goals, I promised to do what I could to give Adam an awesome 10th birthday party.  Well I think we achieved it but not without some hard work!

This year I planned to order a cake from one of my favorite bakers.  I figured I have a few wonderful people to ask, since you know, I’m a wedding planner and all.  I’ve been super busy and I am not a professional baker.  At all.  Ever.

So I cleared it with Jason, told him that Adam probably never even notices the effort I put in and a professional cake would be, well, professional.

And then we talked to Adam.  In anticipation of the big party, he excitedly asked me what wonderful creation I was going to come up with THIS year.  How he loved the cakes I make.  So as my heart melted, I started thinking up cakes.  This year’s party was a GI Joe theme and I knew that I would have to incorporate the flying battle on the mountain scene from the movie.

Let the laughter start…  NOW!

Northern Virginia Wedding Planner Bakes a Cake


















Yummy Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream and Heath Bar Filling.  Please note my attempts to cut off the rounded tops for better layering.  Very professional.  Yup.


Northern Virginia Wedding Planner Bakes a Cake


















This should look like a mountain.


Northern Virginia Wedding Planner Bakes a Cake


















Chocolate Ganache Icing.  In my defense, the cake tasted awesome.


Northern Virginia Wedding Planner Bakes a Cake


















Yes folks – there is a GI Joe zipline.  Cause that’s how I roll!


Northern Virginia Wedding Planner Bakes a Cake


















I repeat… Zipline!

So here is the moral of the story.  If the kiddo in your life wants you to bake a cake, you will bake a cake.  And you will put your heart and soul into it regardless of the results.  But also know that this feat of questionable success took me 8 hours.  Yes, eight.

So when you are planning your big event, particularly your wedding, think about the effort and the level of skill that is required to execute your perfect cake, flower arrangement, etc…  The prices may seem high, but in most cases they are entirely in line with the amount of work it takes to achieve your vision.


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