10-31-13 Send Off with Sparklers – A big huge NO!

I don’t want to sound like an overbearing mother here, but:

SPARKLERS – It’s all fun and games until someone goes up in flames.

Sparklers are pretty and shiny and you see awesome photos all over the internet with beautiful couples running past smiling guests waving their sparklers.  Or the photos with a couple of people sparkler-spelling “LOVE” next to an adorable couple.  It’s warm and fuzzy.  And it’s awesome for mock-wedding photo shoots and the occasional lucky wedding that pulls it off just right.  But sparklers are not a sound idea as a wedding send off.

Wedding Send-Off

Wedding Send-Off by IvorySparrow.com


Why am I so hateful to the pretty sparklers?  Several reasons.  First, I am fairly sure that before I end my career as a Wedding Planner, I will be set on fire by sparklers.

You may laugh, but it’s not far off.  I have had one wedding where a happily drunk little chicky tried to set the bride on fire.  She thought it was funny.  Because, you know, setting a human (and a dress worth several thousands of dollars) on fire is funny.

At another wedding, Grandma would not listen and she kept lighting her sparkler (early) and then getting scared of it.  I always explain to the guests that they should wait to light their sparklers until we are ready for the bride and groom.  Yeah, never works.

I also always explain that the sparklers MUST go in the buckets of sand or buckets of water.  Yeah, never works.   In response, I starting carrying the bucket around to the guests.   And that was when I almost went up in flames.  Why?  Because it seems that people can’t distinguish between *ME* and a bucket.  Putting the sparkler out on/in *ME* is not an option.  I am asking for hazard pay in the future.

Please let me say that by and large, I have awesome, intelligent clients.  It’s just that long days, lots of excitement and a fair amount of alcohol makes large groups very unreliable and unsafe.

The idea behind sparklers is to bring light into the nighttime darkness.  So instead of continuing my Debbie Downer rant, let me offer some fun, safe and picturesque send off alternatives!

Glow Sticks! 

Glow Sticks for Wedding Send Off

Glow Stick Send Off by PearlEventsAustin.com

Ribbon Wands!

50 Wedding Wands Wood Personalized ceremony exit ribbon Bells Blue Streamers Bubbles Beach Ocean Mermaid Green Surprise Birthday Party Fall

Wedding Wands found on Etsy by Craftupyourlife

Fiber Optic Wands!

Fiber Optic Wands for Weddings

Fiber Optic Wands by My Life in Transition


I hope I have dissuaded you from your sparkler-quest!  See you at the next wedding, glow stick in hand!


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