12-9-14 Prepping for the honeymoon

You really want to get on the plane and leave for your honeymoon.  After all the wedding hubbub, you can’t wait to spend some quality, QUIET time with your new hubby.  I don’t blame you!

So make sure that getting to your honeymoon is as easy as possible.

1) I’m sure you have heard this before:  Make sure you have your passports handy!  This is not an item you can pick up the week of your wedding.  For your own sake, get this done months in advance.  You will sleep better!

2) Lists, lists, lists!  Your brain is already busting with wedding information.  Take the time to write down everything you need for the honeymoon in advance.  This way you can pack on relative autopilot.

3) Call your credit cards and/or financial institutions to let them know you will be in a foreign or non-local area.  You do not want your cards frozen due to “suspicious activity”.

4) Leave a day between the wedding and leaving for the honeymoon.  Celebrating all night does not make for bright-eyed in the morning.  So if you have a Saturday wedding, leave on Monday.  This leaves you time to recuperate and also to say goodbye to family and friends.

5) DO NOT LEAVE PACKING FOR THE DAY AFTER THE WEDDING.  Again, celebrating all night does not encourage functionality the next day.  Have your bags packed before the wedding.  The only items you should need to pack are toiletries and other last minute necessities.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

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