3_2_15 Planner in a Day Consultation


Not every couple needs the same kind of help planning their wedding. I clearly advocate hiring a planner for a few reasons:

1) If you are going to spend a large amount of money this one particular day and event, wouldn’t you want to spend it wisely? You wouldn’t spend money to build a home without hiring a General Contractor…

2) Most couples have very high expectations for their wedding day but achieving those expectations is a skilled endeavor that requires a professional planner

and… for full-disclosure

3) It is my business and I like to work.

But there are considerations in hiring a planner. Some couples really like the idea of planning their own wedding. Another consideration is your budget and that’s important too!

Simplicity Events by Johanna has a service for couples that are planning on their own wedding and for whatever reason are feeling a little stuck. Maybe you don’t want to hire a full planner, but you could use some help getting on or back on track. The Planner in a Day Consultation is a one time consult, great for couples that have been chugging along on the planning train but feel like they have lost some direction or steam.

Planner in a Day
Perfect if…
– You are planning your own wedding
– You have most of your wedding vendors contracted
– You feel confused about how all the details come together

How it works…
– One morning or afternoon of intense planning and coordination

What we do…
– Work together to answer the Simplicity Events Wedding Questionnaire
– Discuss your major wedding day concerns
– Create your timeline and wedding day itinerary
– Highlight areas of your wedding that still need attention
– Give helpful hints and questions for your wedding vendors

– You have tools to help you navigate the rest of the planning journey
– You feel empowered and de-stressed!!

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