12_22_14 Wedding Planning from the other side


I’m going to be a bride!  My sweetie proposed and I am ecstatic!  Check out the actual event at Engagement!

Right away, I realized that getting engaged and planning my wedding is vastly different than being the planner who helps other couples get married.  When I plan weddings with my clients it is a rational act, with deliberate thoughts and decisions.  Not so with the getting engaged.  It is about feeling.  I felt absolute joy. I also felt a little out of body and very sweaty.  I do NOT do well as the center of attention.  There was also a mild tightening of the heart muscle, feeling overwhelmed by the immediate thought of planning my own wedding.

Now a week later, I understand that I am approaching this whole engaged/wedding thing with several parts of my brain.  One is the rational, calm and organized planner-brain.  Another is a giddy emotional bride-brain.  There is a third section.  This one is looking at the differences between the detached, rational side and the involved, emotional side and taking notes.

Over the next months, (no we do not have a date yet) I plan to document my wedding planning experience.  Hopefully I will glide through this with grace and dignity.  But I have a feeling that there will be ups and downs and difficult decisions.  Aside from the awesomeness of getting to marry my best friend, I hope that I can use my wedding to better understand the thoughts and concerns of my clients.  The things that put a tightness around their hearts. With any luck, I will learn a few things to make their experience easier in the future!

I hope you join me in the journey.  This is gonna be fun!

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  1. Kelly says:

    This is going to be so fun! Can’t wait to see what decisions you make for yourself. Cheers & Best Wishes!!

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